DIY Dried Flower Vase Making Kits

DIY Dried Flower Vase Making Kits

Our dried flower vase arrangements are a favourite here at Hey Posy, so we thought, “Why not make a DIY version?” 

Vibrant and playful, our DIY Vase Making Kits are filled with quality ingredients for you to arrange however you like.

Enjoy with your girlfriends over a glass of wine (hello hens party!), with your kids during the school holidays or on your own for some much needed ‘me time’. Plus, they’re also an easy grab-and-go gift for birthdays!

In the kit, you’ll find a mix of dried + preserved flowers and foliage as well as a ceramic vase pre-filled with foam. Both the vase and ingredients have varying colours making each kit unique.

Order yours here

Interested in placing a large order? Make sure to give us at least two weeks notice. 

We love these DIY kits and we know you will too! xx





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